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Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm PST
over the fiscal cliff. >>> new at 10:00, a man was critically wounded at a shooting in an east b.a.r.t. station. it happened this afternoon at the bay point station. service was interrupted for some time while police searched if station but they did not turn up a suspect. the victim only described as a male was taken to the hospital with what is being called serious injuries. >>> 1,170 people were arrested for dui statewide compared to 1,080 in 1990. in the bay area 165 people have been arrested for dui and there have been three fatal collisions. last year there were 188 arrests and no fatalities. >>> happening now, matt keller is live in fremont where a dui checkpoint is currently on the way. >> this checkpoint has been going on here on fremont boulevard for about an hour. officers are speaking to each driver and handing them a pamphlet. they say there's been nine dui arrests. they rarely make a drunk driving arrests at their dui checkpoints but they write a lot of tickets. we watched as the officer stopped a car with someone in the back with a baby on their lap. one man's sto
Dec 31, 2012 10:00pm PST
country stands on the brink of a fiscal cliff, many gathered with family, and loved ones. >> we're here with a lot of friends from all over the bay area, we come out every new year's eve. >> reporter: bringing light to the darkness, before a new year dawns. in san francisco, jana katsuyama. ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> good evening to you. we are braving the big chill on this new year's eve. if you still have plans to get out, and celebrate into the new year, may i suggest a jacket. it is chilly out there already. 33degrees in fairfield. a degree from freezing. livermore says 53. that's inaccurate. checking around, it's about 37 degrees, including pleasantton, that reading has been off all day long. 49 in san francisco. if you plan on heading out to see the fireworks this evening, dropping back another degree or two as we get into closer to midnight, 37 in a novato. we're looking at temperatures continuing to fall into the overnight hours. we're sure to be right about freezing. even slightly below that in some cases by sunrise tomorrow morning. watching this system here is the center of the low. the front moved through earlier tonight, you may have in thed high cloud
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2